Product Innovation in Commercial Van Modifications

Leading the Industry in Safety, Innovation, and Expertise

Driverge is proud to offer the latest technology in commercial vans, wheelchair accessibility, people moving transporters, and more. Our team of innovative engineers and experienced automotive industry professionals work with our OEM partners and leading industry suppliers to make sure that our products deliver on every level.

In all cases, safety is our primary concern. We we go to great lengths to make sure that all of our vehicles, and the equipment being installed, meets or exceeds ADA, NHTSA and FMVSS requirements.

With our innovative SmartFloor flexible flooring system, customers can change the layout of a vehicle in a matter of minutes. SmartFloor gives vehicles maximum flexibility — and is only available in the United States on Driverge vehicles. Visit SmartFloor Technology
Solar Power
Driverge offers vehicle configurations equipped with 495 & 660 Watt solar panel kits powered by Merlin Solar to keep your fleet and crew charged and on the road. These kits also come with a 5-year system warranty.  Visit Solar Power Technology
Bus Door Installation
Perfect for shuttle or transporter operators, our bus door packages come in two different sizes to meet your specific vehicle and rider requirements. Push-button electronic control and remote keyfob remote operation accommodates easy loading of passengers. Visit Bus Door Packages
FlexFlat Ramp
The FlexFlat ramp system is a manual wheelchair ramp that folds flat when not in use. It’s there when you need it and folds out of the way when you don’t! The FlexFlat ramp is now standard on our Ford Transit Connect wheelchair vans, and is available as an option on Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna converted minivans. Visit FlexFlat Ramps
Wheelchair Lifts 
Driverge is the largest installer of commercial wheelchair lifts in the United States. Our experience with installing lifts on different types of OEM chassis, with rear and side-entry access, is second to none in the industry.  We are also the only major modifier to install lifts on the Mercedes Sprinter. Visit Wheelchair Lifts
wheelchair lifts for van
Wheelchair Securement & Safety
The safety of our customers and their passengers is the most important detail engineered into our vehicles. All the restraint systems we install are compatible with the SmartFloor design, including FutureSafe, the innovative head and backrest system developed by AMF-Bruns of America. Visit Wheelchair Securement Systems
wheelchair tie down securement
OEM Special Projects
Driverge is one of a handful of upfitters that work directly with OEM product development engineers on special projects. As a Ford QVM builder, Mercedes-Benz Master Solutions upfitter, and Ram Q Pro Supplier, we’ve had the honor of building several proprietary concept vehicles with national implications.
OEM vehicle special project development
New Product Development
Our team of skilled engineers and product development leaders are dedicated toward developing new and exciting vehicle solutions. This special team is among the best and most experienced in the industry at bringing new products to the market. Ask us about your special project.
walk-in bus door on ford transit
Product Innovation

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