Law Enforcement & Border Patrol

Prisoner Transport Vans

Prisoner Transport Vehicles and Police Vans

Driverge is proud to provide our nation’s law enforcement community and border patrol agents with vehicles designed to keep them safe. Our prisoner transport vans designed for inmate transfer, arrest suspects, or border detainees meet all FMVSS regulations and are engineered with functionality and versatility in mind. All Driverge prisoner transport vehicles are currently built on the ‘Built Tough’ Ford Transit made in Kansas City, KS.

County sheriffs, local police departments and U.S. border patrol agents across the country rely on our vans when transporting inmates and detainees because of their safety design features and dependability. With options such as video surveillance, isolation bulkheads, lighting packages, and 2-door entry systems, our law enforcement transporters and border patrol vehicles will meet the needs of any department or agency.

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police prisoner van door

Driverge: A Ford Quality Vehicle Modifier (QVM)

Driverge has been a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) since Ford started the program. What this means for local law enforcement and government agencies is that Driverge is held to much higher standards, through annual audits and inspections, to ensure that no vehicle leaves our plant without meeting or exceeding Ford’s standards. As an official Ford Bailment Pool, Driverge typically has over 400 Ford vans on the ground ready for custom modifications. We are also part of the Ford Ship-Thru transportation system with our manufacturing facilities in Akron, Ohio and Kansas City, Kansas.

Our Industry Solutions
All of our ADA compliant vehicles meet the needs of organizations in any industry that requires transportation of their clients. These companies and organizations include:
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Independent and Assisted Living
  • Hotel & Resort Shuttles
  • Local and State Government Agencies
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • In-home Care Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Public Transportation