Ford E-Transit

Ford E-Transit Mobility and Commercial Vans

Driverge Vehicle Innovations, Ford’s top mobility modifier for 20 consecutive years, now delivers QVM-quality E-Transits for non-emergency medical transportation, shuttle and cargo applications.

Upfit-Eligible 2024 E-Transit Chassis

Series T-350
Body Type Cargo Van (with and without windows)
Roof Height Low, Medium, High
Wheelbases Regular 130”, Long 148”, Extended 148”
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E-Transit Upfit Applications

Non Emergency Transporter with wheelchair on ramp being loaded

Non-Emergency Conversion

Rear- or side entry, bus door options, wheelchair accessible with standard seating combination upfits.

Side-entry vans require the installation of Shift N Step, a side entry system that allows ambulatory and wheelchair passengers to both enter from the curbside.

Hospitality Shuttle Interior

Hospitality Shuttles

A perfect combination of sophistication and style. Can accommodate 14 passengers; good, better, best seat options available; LED overhead lighting and more.

Rear of E-Transit vehicle fitted with shelves for tradesmen and contractors


Cargo systems, shelving, parts storage, drawers, partitions, ladder racks, lighting, locks and more from all the leading brands.

Mortuary Van Exterior View

Mortuary Vans

Double-deck systems can transport either four stretchers, four cremation containers or two caskets.

Powered upper deck with safety latch raises and lowers within seconds, allowing for easy loading/ unloading. 

Secure Transporter rear view with doors open showing open interior

Secure Transporters

Optimal security with steel tube frame assemblies with expanded steel covering all walls, ceiling and locking side- and rear- cage doors. Safes, surveillance equipment and climate control are available.

Smartfloor by Driverge, rear seats locked into position

SmartFloor® by Driverge

The ideal solution for E-Transit upfits! Requires no drilling and allows the easy movement of seats, cargo and wheelchair positions to nearly anywhere within the van.

Ford CVC Dealership, Re-Entry, and Ship-through codes

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Certified Quality Upfits by Driverge

Global automotive brands have certified Driverge as an authorized upfitter. So, you can be sure your conversion meets or exceeds the OEMs’ standards for fit, finish, and safety. And any OEM chassis warranties will stay in full effect.

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Mercedes master solutions certification
Ram commercial Q Pro certification