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Full-Size Mobility Vans

We’ve produced commercial wheelchair vans for more than 20 years and work with Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Ram to deliver accessible Transits, Sprinters and ProMasters anywhere in the United States. We are recognized by Ford as its #1 Mobility Pool, Mercedes-Benz as MasterSOLUTIONS™ Upfitter and Ram as Q-Pro supplier.  Our Fleet Sales Team can process multiple vehicle orders for national fleet companies of any size.

Our Vehicles

Rear-entry Lift

Ford Transit with Driverge Rear Entry wheelchair lift and bus doors

Wheelchaired passengers use the rear lift, walk-on passengers enter from the curb. Allows for more conventional seating towards the front of the vehicle.

Ram NEMT Solutions

Side-entry Lift

Ford Transit with Driverge side entry lift

When traffic and/or loading space are concerns, side entry lift is desirable. Side entry lifts are also used when cots or stretchers are needed.

Ford Transit CurbSmart
Ford Paratransit

Wheelchair Ramp

Ford Transit Connect with Driverge rear entry ramp with wheelchair

A variety of versatile and efficient ramp systems offering a quiet, maintenance-free alternative to power lifts. The perfect solution for wheelchair transportation and equipment hauling needs.

Transit Connect
Mercedes Metris


Ford Transit with Driverge Shift-n-Step and Side Entry wheelchair lift

A state-of-the-art, ADA compliant system that allows both wheelchair and ambulatory access from the same curb-side opening. With a touch of a button the ambulatory entrance has wheelchair access, too.

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