wheelchair tie downs

Wheelchair Tie Downs & Securement Systems

Proper use of wheelchair securement systems is extremely important for the safety of all passengers. A four-point retractor system with appropriate tie-downs for the wheelchair and vehicle is the most commonly recommended design for commercial wheelchair transport vehicles. The systems works with a series of ratchet-style devices (aka retractors) and tie-downs with hooks, tightly securing the wheelchair to the floor. Some people prefer to use a carabiner spring-loaded attachment in place of a standard hook.

Proper Wheelchair Securement with 4-Point Retractor Tie-Down System

wheelchair securement strap diagram
Diagram courtesy of AMF-Bruns of America.

The diagram above shows the proper placement of tie-downs on the wheelchair and the anchorage points on the floor.

1) Wheelchair Restraints
2) Occupant Securements (including lap and shoulder belts)
3) Floor Anchorages

NOTE: Please read and understand all of the instructions that come with the retractors and tie-downs supplied with your vehicle. Follow all instructions for the placement of J-hooks (or carabiner-style devices) to the wheelchair. See our OEM training videos for more on wheelchair restraint systems

We also offer Professional Training Services with on-site classroom and in-vehicle driver training in the proper use of wheelchair restraints systems and wheelchair passenger safety.

FutureSafe Head and Back Rest Safety System 

FutureSafe head and back rest wheelchair system

After conducting extensive crash research, our business partner AMF Bruns designed a patented FutureSafe head and backrest safety system. This provides passengers with added comfort and safety in the event of a head-on collision, adding an extra level of security against head or neck injuries. The system turns inward and is locked in place behind the wheelchair after the passenger is boarded and properly secured. Adjustments are then made for the height of the person riding in the wheelchair.

When not in use, FutureSafe folds toward the vehicle wall and securely locked in its stowed position.

Wheelchair Retractors and Tie-Downs Replacements

Customers can contact our Parts Department for re-ordering wheelchair restraints, tie-down straps, and other securement devices that may have been lost or damaged. We'll be glad to match your current style and manufacturer part numbers, including AMF-Bruns and Q'Straint adaptive equipment products.


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