Ford Transit Bus Door

Bus door installations from Driverge provide a traditional walk-in entry on a non-CDL van, which saves money on maintenance and fuel economy. Ford Transit Buses are perfect for hotel shuttles, charters, guided tours and more as an efficient, affordable transport vehicle.

Bus door upfits can also be with paratransit service vans. Our minibusses, equipped with a wheelchair lift, are often used by nursing homes, senior care facilities, churches, community centers, and other organizations needing to transport people with disabilities and ambulatory passengers.

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Ford Transit Bus Doors

  • Perfect for shuttle or transporter fleets
  • Two door size options: 38” x 84” and 33” x 76” with built-in steps
  • Large door option offers more entry room than competitors units
  • Remote operation for quick and easy operation from the driver seat or even outside the vehicle
  • Remote operation of bus doors outside vehicle allows the driver to better assist passengers entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Available on Ford Transit models over 10,000 GVW
  • Seats up to 15 passengers, including driver
  • Rear lift available for wheelchair transport
  • Can hold up to 4 wheelchair positions
  • Unlimited seating layout options when combined with SmartFloor flexible flooring system

Ford Tranises bueses upfitted by Driverge

Ford Transit Small Bus / Minibus Sales

Our Ford Transit Small Bus provides for the transport of up to 15 passengers (including driver). Easier to operate and less expensive than larger cutaways, this style of minibus also provides significant fuel savings. It’s perfect for corporate shuttles, community centers, and more. Learn more about Driverge Small Bus

Commercial Wheelchair Vans for Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NMET)

Driverge is the leader in building non-emergency medical transporters for commercial use. Read more about our Ford Transit Wheelchair Vans

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