Work and Crew Vans

Engineers at Driverge can design almost any van you can imagine. We upfit work and crew vans for use in any line of work or industry – including the one we built for The History Channel's 'American Pickers' show. Whether your company needs a van to haul medical equipment or a small catering crew with hot and cold prepared meals, Driverge can build the perfect vehicle to meet your exact needs.

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Cargo Vans for Contractors

Whether you are a one-vehicle franchisee or a leasing company in need of hundreds of work vans, Driverge can be your one-stop, vehicle upfitting supplier.

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Mortuary Transportation

Driverge offers a double-deck system developed by funeral industry leader Link Mortuary Equipment. These vans can be staffed by one operator and increase the overall capacity of cargo vans by allowing for the transportation of either four stretchers, four cremation containers or two caskets. 

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Worker crew van upfit with partition

Transit Crew

The Transit Crew Van is the perfect fit for companies who regularly need to transport people and cargo. Discover why construction companies are switching from the traditional pickup trucks to the popular Ford Transit.

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Outside view of the ford transit prision transport vehicle, side door opened to show secure door

Prisoner Transport

Driverge upfits transport vans that are trusted by police departments, jails, and leading law enforcement agencies across the country to safely move inmates and detainees. We’ve also provided detainee transport vans for the U.S. Border Patrol.

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Outside view of the Ramp promaster with long rear ramp

Equipment Moving - Ramps and Hydraulic Lifts

Does your company move heavy equipment, tools or machinery on a regular basis? Driverge has several options to choose from to make your job easier. We can design a van with a power lift, capable of lifting 1,000 pounds, or with a mechanical fold-out ramp and rear kneeling system that keeps the ramp angle low to the ground.

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