Non-Emergency Medical Transport Vans (Ambulettes)

Note to people in need of transportation services:

Please understand that Driverge Vehicle Innovations does not provide transportation services. We make the vans that transportation companies use. If you need transportation, please Google “transportation services near me” or words to this effect. You might also call your city’s service department or your local transit authority.

Every day, thousands of patients rely on non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). Driverge builds non-emergency transport wheelchair vans and paratransit vans, also known as ambulettes, that are used by leading medical facilities and non-emergency transport service companies throughout the country. All of our NEMT vans are built to comply with ADA guidelines for transportation.

Driverge's non-emergency transport wheelchair vans are equipped with commercial wheelchair lifts and can transport ambulatory and wheelchair passengers. They are the perfect vehicle for medical transportation providers, group homes, senior living facilities, and hospitals. Rear access minivans with ramps are another option for transporting only one non-emergency wheelchair passengers. Lifts and ramps offer a safe and comfortable option for patients to enter the vehicle without transferring from their wheelchair.

Medical Transport Vans for Sale

Popular Full-Size Medical Transport Vehicles Include:

Popular Medical Transport Minivans Include:

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