GSA Vehicle Bids

Federal, state, and municipal government bids for vehicle procurement can be incredibly complex. When you come across a government bid opportunity, turn to our Bid Department to help submit and win the contract. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully work through the paperwork and processes to make sure that all of the documentation details follow the right procedure.

The Driverge Bids Program began in 2009 (as MobilityWorks Commercial). The department is now headed by four full-time employees with two assisting engineers. Among them, they have over 50 years of experience working in automotive, truck modification and mobility upfit industries.

Since 2009, the Bids Department has submitted over 1,600 bids including over 4,000 vehicles – not including the federal GSA bids program (listed below).

Vehicles that may be built-in bids at this time include:

  • Full-size FORD Transit and RAM ProMaster (including both ambulettes and transporters)
  • DODGE and TOYOTA Minivans
  • FORD Transit Connect rear-entry wheelchair vans and taxis
  • RAM ProMaster
  • Additional vehicle platforms are currently being considered

We first acquired the GSA contract in 2009. Our bid submittals cover all areas within our wheelhouse to include municipal, state and federal bids. We meet Buy America certification on our Dodge Grand Caravan conversion and the Ford Transit.

For more information, or to inquire about submitting a request to the Driverge Bid Department, call 855-337-9543 or email [email protected]