Training Videos for Operating Wheelchair Lifts and Passenger Securement

Driverge Safety and Training Videos

Driverge goes to great lengths to ensure that our vehicles, and the equipment being installed, is thoroughly tested to meet all necessary ADA, NHTSA and FMVSS requirements. Just as important is the need for qualified operators of the vehicles to understand the proper use of the adaptive equipment being used for the safe transport a wheelchair passenger. Please visit our training services page to learn about the different options being provided, including CTAA Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Certification and other driver training programs.

Disclaimer: Professional training by all drivers in the proper use of a commercial vehicle and its adaptive equipment is highly recommended. Please read and understand all instructions provided by the original equipment manufacturers. The following videos are provided for public use by the manufacturers for informational purposes only.

Wheelchair Lifts

Braun Wheelchair Lifts

Ricon S-Series Transit Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Retractors & Restraints
AMF Bruns Wheelchair Securement System

Q’Straint QRT Restraint System

Driverge Vehicle & Smartfloor Videos
Ram ProMaster with Lowering Floor System

SmartFloor Seating Instructions

Metris WAV Operating Instructions

PASS Training Video

General Evacuation Procedures