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Certified PASS Training

PASS (Passenger Assistance, Safety, and Sensitivity) is a comprehensive certification training course developed by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA). This certification is recognized throughout the country and is the standard for the majority of public transit and wheelchair transport agencies.

The program was designed for drivers to become ingrained with the assistance that they should be providing to passengers with disabilities and special needs. It also trains on mobility assist devices like wheelchairs and walkers, and trains and tests on lift operation and proper wheelchair securement in vehicles. Once completed, each attendee will receive PASS certification valid for two years.

PASS training consists of an online session (approximately four hours and can be completed at student’s pace) and an in-person, hands-on session which has classroom and hands-on securement portions. These hands-on sessions last approximately 5-6 hours.

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Benefits of PASS Training:

  • Potential insurance premium savings
  • Investment in training is minimal compared to the cost of accidents, incidents, and lawsuits
  • Allows drivers to practice techniques and ask questions before transporting actual passengers
  • Sets your company above your competition by having trained and certified drivers
  • Improved overall customer service leading to greater loyalty

Certified PASS Trainers

Jim Cermak

Jim is a PASS Master Trainer (Passenger Assistance, Safety, and Sensitivity) through the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA), a Certified Trainer for both AMF Bruns and Q’Straint wheelchair securements, and a Product Training Manager with Driverge.   Jim has trained drivers and administrators throughout the country from hospitals, public transit, senior care, rideshare and other industries.  His industry knowledge and engaging presentation style helps attendees understand their critical role in customer safety, satisfaction, and loyalty.