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Showing CannaCage installed

Secure transportation is key for anyone operating a cannabis-related business. But sometimes, security comes with a hefty price tag. If you need a secure transportation solution that utilizes your current vehicles and meets California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations, the CannaCage may be a perfect fit.

The CannaCage is a self-installation kit shipped directly to you for installation into your current vehicle, allowing you to carry your cannabis cargo in a safe and secure way.

A durable steel cage and walls with rear locking door

Standard CannaCage kits come with:

  • Full Composite Partition/Bulkhead Behind Driver
  • Durable Steel Cage with Walls
  • Steel Roof and Rear Locking Door
  • LED Cargo Lights
  • New Wood Floor with Altro Commercial Floor Covering
  • Hardware for Installation
  • Step by Step Instructions with Photographs
  • Phone support

Driverge offers pre-built cages for a wide variety of vehicles. Call us today for more information on the options available for your vehicle make and model.

Add any of the following options to your kit

  • Drop Slot Safe (drop in envelope though cab into safe located in cargo area, behind bulkhead)
  • 4 Security Camera System with GPS & WFI
  • Rear Steps
  • Rack and Bin Shelves for Storage
  • Cargo E-Track and tie downs for securing goods
  • AC with Interior Insulation Kit
  • Center Console Lock Box
  • Under Passenger Seat Lock Box

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