The StreetSmart® Ramp System – There When You Need It


At Driverge, we imagine ideas that don’t exist and invent them. We believe there are no set parts. Our design process allows us to craft custom, tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. When it comes to product innovation, we not only raise the bar, we set a higher standard – so that you can too. The StreetSmart® Ramp System is a patent-pending design with a removable ramp that allows the operator to use the detached ramp to navigate over curbs when needed.  The Driverge StreetSmart™ design on the Toyota Sienna features a 34” wide x 48” two-section ramp with a 1,000 lb. capacity and a 61” long wheelchair area inside the vehicle. The Toyota Sienna’s second-row, 3-passenger bench seat is kept intact for use with ambulatory passengers.

Click here to learn more about the versatile StreetSmart® Ramp System or contact us at 855-337-9543.

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