Driverge is Certified by Major Automotive Brands as an Authorized Vehicle Modifier

Driverge Certified Ford QVM, Mercedes Benz Expert Solutions, Ram Q Pro

As longstanding OEM partners, we typically have hundreds of vans on our lot ready for upfitting. And no matter how big or complex the modifications done to your vans, you can rest assured that every one of them meets or exceeds the OEMs’ standards for fit, finish, functionality, and safety. Not to mention, the OEMs’ warranty protection will stay in full effect.

That’s because Driverge undergoes annual certification processes used by the OEMs. Each OEMs certification process is different, but generally includes meeting design guidelines, undergoing annual manufacturing audits and agreeing to the OEM’s insistence that conversions meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). It’s not easy getting these certifications and many upfitters don’t even try.

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Conversion van after crash testing

We didn’t achieve our certification by accident.
(But all our crash testing sure made a big impact.)

Whether it’s enduring a 50 MPH rear collision, or 10,000 plus pounds of force trying to pry a seat off the floor, our automotive partners appreciate the way we constantly meet and comply with the stringent FMVSS compliance standards. Meanwhile, our engineers gain crucial insight through observation and data: “How did the vehicle behave? What did the test dummy show us?” Small clues acquired today can lead to even bigger accomplishments in passenger protection tomorrow.

Vehicle hanging upside down during testing

It’s one thing to say your modifications meet FMVSS standards,
it’s another thing to be put to the test.

At a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to thoroughly crash test one vehicle, we use accredited 3rd party testing labs. So, you can believe our vehicles are put through the wringer. Or, for major structural modifications, even onto a four-ton spit (the vehicle spends five minutes in one position before being rotated to the next—this assures no unintended leaks from rerouted fluid lines).

Exhaust pipe with certified emissions

No matter how extensive your conversion needs,
we make sure everything comes out okay in the end.

If fuel systems are moved around, so can the level of emissions. That’s why we believe it’s imperative to be thoroughly tested. And that’s why your upfitted vehicles will be sure to meet even the toughest emission standards, including the granddaddy of them all—those of the California Air Resources Board. (If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. Including the now 14 other states that demand CARB compliance).

Map of the United Status with Driverge delaers and service locations

If we win your business,
you’ll win in more ways than one.

While certifications and testing ensure quality and safety, manufacturing facilities in four US markets and OEM chassis agreements mean we can be responsive to customer needs at the local, regional, or national levels. And what happens after the sale? Our extensive network of 300+ service centers across the country—including one near your fleet—ensures that we will be there for you at the local level.

And then there’s our people: their focus on customer service, on always delivering, on always getting it right … their joy and skill at collaborating on ideas to bring your exact specifications to life … we could go on and on about our people. Or you could contact us right now and find out for yourself.

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