Ford Minibus build on the popular Ford Tranist model and upfitted by Driverge

Ford Minibus

The Driverge Ford Transit Minibus provides companies with the ability to transport up to 15 passengers (including driver). Easier to operate and less expensive to maintain than a traditional cutaway, our Ford Transit mini bus provides significant fuel savings. It's perfect for corporate shuttles, community centers, group outings, charter & tour operators, and any other business that moves people. Combined with our innovative SmartFloor technology, the Ford Transit Minibus can also provide flexible seating opportunities, including options for a rear wheelchair lift and multiple wheelchair passengers.

Two Bus Door Packages to Choose From

Our large bus door package has an extra-high, 84” walk in entryway providing maximum clearance and a 38" wide doorway. The smaller size bus door is 33" wide x 76" tall. Both provide safe, reliable entry for your passengers with built-in LED lighted steps and entryway stanchion poles for added safety.

Ford Transit Small Bus Features:

  • 14 and 15-passenger seating layouts including driver – or up to 2 wheelchairs
  • 2 bus door sizes: Large 38" x 84"; Small 33" x 76"
  • Built-in lighted steps with entryway stanchion pole
  • Electronic bus door operation
  • Remote control bus door for quick access from the driver seat or outside of the vehicle
  • Available with a rear lift for wheelchair accessible transportation
  • Up to 20 mpg fuel economy
  • Available with SmartFloor technology
  • Seating styles and flooring material options

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Ford Transit with Bus Door Minibus

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