Introducing the ADA-Compliant Pacifica Flex4

An Accessible Van As Flexible As You Need It To Be.

Your riders come in all shapes, sizes and levels of mobility. And now your operators can quickly and easily adapt to the situation at hand. In seconds, drivers can create space to transport:

  • 4 walk-ons with lots of cargo space
  • 2 wheelchairs and two walk-ons, or
  • 1 wheelchair and 4 walk-ons
Passenger layout for the Flex4

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The Pacifica Flex4 – Mobility Without Compromise

The ADA-Compliant accessible Pacifica maintains factory appearance, handling and performance.

  • FMVSS-compliant
  • CARB-approved
  • 30" wide, 800-pound capacity ramp
  • Electric restraints optional (Forward position only)
  • Standard chassis equipment includes: front and rear AC, cruise control
  • 36-month/36,000-mile (whichever comes first) commercial-use conversion warranty
  • 48-month/50,000-mile (whichever comes first) consumer use conversion warranty
  • Optional 2nd-row seating available

The Difference Makers: The FlexFlat Ramp and Fold & Turn Seating

The combination of Driverge’s FlexFlat ramp and Fold & Turn seating provides operators with the ability to quickly and easily create seating and cargo space to meet the needs of a given situation.

FlexFlat Manual Ramp

This ramp folds into the floor when not in use with wheelchair passengers, creating more cargo space. With two wheelchairs onboard, it stores upright when on the road.

Fold & Turn Seats

The second- and third-row seats are fold & turn “Captains’ Chairs.” These comfortable, full-size seats easily fold and turn (or flip) out of the way to create space for up to two wheelchairs or cargo.

optional 3rd row seating flex4

A second-row seating option on Voyager/Pacifica Flex6 or Flex4 consists of two, smaller (14-inch wide) and fixed position caregiver seats that allow a wheelchair passenger to be in between the caregiver seats.

Image of a rear entry wheelchair van with a gurney positioned outside

The Flex Series with Gurney Mount is available on Flex4 base.

This van can quickly be configured to accommodate various combinations of wheelchair and ambulatory passengers and now, a passenger on a cot or gurney.

Diagram showing the interior layout of a vehicle with the gurney positioned on the center behind the front seats with 3 other passengers

Dimensions and Specifications

flex4 legend