Cutaway Center Aisle Buses

cutaway center aisle bus

Cutaway Center Aisle Buses and Minibuses

Center Aisle Buses for Up to 45 Passengers

For customers needing larger, cutaway-style center aisle minibuses, Driverge’s network of cutaway, center aisle manufactures can accommodate your needs with larger capacity vehicles. With our dealer status for minibus shuttles and paratransit buses, Driverge offers a wide variety of cutaway mini-buses in body lengths from 20 ft. to 39 ft. Cutaway buses are available on Ford, GM and Freightliner chassis, with seating for up to 45 passengers. Body construction can be rust-free composite/honeycomb or steel, based on your preferences or requirements.

Paratransit Wheelchair Accessibility

Driverge account managers and their engineering support team can help you to choose from a wide selection of manufacturing options, including paratransit equipment, seating choices, flooring materials, stanchion poles, and more.

As the leader in building ambulette transport vehicles for the non-emergency sector, our wheelchair lift experts will help you to get the right center-aisle minibus and wheelchair lift for your senior living center, nursing home, group home, or any other business transporting wheelchair and ambulatory passengers.

We can also offer PASS* driver training certified by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA), designed for safer lift operating procedures and wheelchair occupant securement.

Photo images courtesy of Carpenter Bus Sales.

*Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS)