Hydraulic Lift Equipment Moving Vans

Driverge built vehicles with heavy-duty lifts and ramps are not limited to transporting people. These equipment moving vans help to safely and efficiently load and unload large cargo items without having to do any heavy lifting. Equipment mover packages are available on Ford Transit and RAM ProMaster vehicles, with roofs over 9 feet tall to accommodate most any type of equipment.

Equipment lifts can also be installed as part of a crew work van. Contact us with your specific equipment moving requirements to provide you with the best vehicle, lift or ramp solution.

Hydraulic Lift and Equipment Mover Van Features:

  • Safely lock your equipment into place with track flooring
  • Options to transport up to 4 passengers
  • Electronic lift operation with manual backup
  • Dual hydraulic lift arms for up to 1,000 lb capacity
  • Usable platforms of 33" x 51", 34" x 51", and 34"x54"
  • Floor to ground lift heights up to 54"
  • Available on Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster vans

ProMaster Manual Ramp Equipment Mover Features:

  • Ram Q Pro Certified installation
  • Automatic kneeling system for lower angle
  • Low maintenance manual fold-out ramp
  • Ramp is 35.8” wide x 110” long
  • Ramp is shock-assisted for easy raising and lowering
  • Hydraulic Lowering System operates at the touch of a button
  • Rear end is lowered a full 6” down to a height of 15-1/4”

Equipment mover van with ramp

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