Ford Transit Meal Delivery Vans

Temperature Controlled Food Transportation Vehicles

Driverge meal delivery vans provide businesses such as caterers, non-profits, and distributors a unique option for transporting both hot and cold food. With variable seating configurations and even wheelchair accessible packages, this vehicle to transport your entire team and all of your prepared meals. Large slide-out trays make loading and unloading from the rear of the vehicle easier than ever before.

Built on the popular Ford Transit, we add top-of-the-line heating and cooling compartments to the rear of the van. Combined with innovative SmartFloor technology, the meal delivery van also allows for the quick removal of seats, adding unlimited flexibility to its many potential uses.

Meal Delivery Van Features

• First ever multi-purpose meal delivery and crew transport vehicle
• Wood or patented SmartFloor flooring system with quick clean ABS
interior materials
• Wheelchair or walker storage mounted to rear partition
• Stainless steel meal box construction with slide-out trays
• Sub-zero cold and 190 degree hot storage
• Independent heating and cooling temperature control system with
vent and fan air circulation
• Graphic wraps and/or decal applications

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Ford Transit Meal Delivery Vans

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